NewsOuverture du premier centre de Foot Indoor à New-York

octobre 7, 2017by Maitre Nogué

Parce que tous les projets accompagnés par le Cabinet n’arrivent malheureusement pas tous à maturité, nous sommes fiers de partager cet article de NBC Sports, consacré à l’ouverture du premier centre de Urban Soccer à New York, projet né en France associant partenaires français et étrangers, sur lequel le Cabinet travaille depuis maintenant près de trois ans.

New York Indoor

« Hopefully that will change in the near future though, with the help of Socceroof — a startup company co-founded by Jean-David Tartour and Jerome Meary, as well as general manager Jonathan Lupinelli that aims to bring a wide-ranging group of soccer fanatics the ability to find soccer solace in the “Concrete Jungle.”

The company is financially-backed by several of soccer’s most-recognizable figures, including Manchester United’s Anthony Martial, Gerard Houllier (global football figure in charge of Red Bull’s teams throughout the world) and former Paris Saint-Germain owner Patrick Sayer.

Socceroof’s unique blueprint features a number of small-sided soccer fields located on building rooftops, with the first project set to launch in Brooklyn in November or December of this year. »